Incorp USA Enterprises is an American private equity company that builds, buys, sells, and syndicates real estate in the United States.

Founded in 2020 but with a highly experienced professional team: INCORP USA is attending the real estate construction industry, using a disruptive and innovative honest business model created by its partners.

At the same time, we serve the interests of homeowners and builders' investors. To maximize their results, avoid or mitigate the risks, use all technology & know-how for 100% transparency and auditable process.

Thus we have been focused on the following:

Fill the +5 million single-family houses market deficit of Affordable Houses. ($10 Trillion Market).

R&D to find the best location in high-growth job markets/cities.

We are building ideally in the new white fence acreage lot.

Fastest Investment cycles (6 to 12 months cycle)

Focused on the new highly desirable low-cost of leaving states

Avoid the frontal competition with the 20 largest Construction companies in the USA, when possible.

Using the experience of more than 500 houses built by local builders helping the product support, accountability, and regional development.

The best professionals oversee project management, engineering, finance and administration to achieve the best results.

Incorp USA uses all the technology, info and data available, experiences, and know-how we gathered during almost 40 years of doing business in the USA.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer the market quality homes at affordable prices.

We understand that investing in a property is one of the most important moments in our lives, so we build our homes in quiet communities, with low cost of living, great school districts and low crime rate. In addition, all our homes come with 01-year warranty.


"What we do, we do to add value for the new owner."

Everything we do, we do for the owner! We build houses that we would like to live in, our team studies and uses all R & D available tools to tune the best locations for the execution of our projects.

The areas are mapped and thoroughly studied, taking into account the best school district, low criminal rates, cost of life, good infrastructure, easy access to highways and commercial centers, not to mention we demand certification, warranty, and insurance of products and services from all our suppliers, in addition to the best cost.

The anticipation of trends, energy efficiency and the best cost-benefit ratio guarantee an excellent valuation of your future property.

Incorp USA's differential is the technology available to all our customers. You, even from a distance, will be able to follow the works of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through cameras installed at the construction site. Just download our monitoring application on your cellphone and follow the works in the palm of your hands.

So, if you want to find a location, or already have one, check it out our plans and choose which one will become your dream house. Just let us know your needs and one of our associates will be more than happy to contact you.

Our Vision

Become the reference company in borderless investments.

Our Mission

Providing new constructions in locations with high demand for homes, using all available local resources, thus contributing to the development of commerce in the region and delivering high quality properties at affordable prices for those looking for a home to live in or even to invest in the American real estate market. Search for the best locations in the most developed states (opportunity zones). Taking advantage of federal programs to finance and encourage the construction and sale of affordable homes. (ex: CRA, FHA, OHFA, etc.) Hiring experienced, certified and insured local builders. Construction site monitored by all INCORP USA technology and purchase volume (Scalability) 100% guarantee and insurance contracted by INCORP USA. 100% transparent operation and online monitoring with the INCORP USA Application.

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