Are you looking for investments that grants you safety and profitability?

Investing in the real estate market has always been a safe business and with a well-structured partner as INCORP USA, the return on your investment is a step away from becoming a reality. The American market has a housing deficit of 7 million homes, which is an investment with relatively quick returns, due to the high liquidity in the sale of homes.

We are looking for partners with the same vision as INCORP USA, for a lasting partnership, exploring our entire business portfolio that goes from home construction and new developments, to the construction of multifamily housing buildings.

In addition, we will be contributing together to reduce the American housing deficit problem, offering quality and affordable housing.


We have invested more than 2 years to develop all these details and create this business model. We have built this team to monitor this process and its execution:

Full transparency: all the investors will be granted with an exclusive access to our project manager software to track where all the investments are being made. Through this access, investors can even download all supplier's invoices.
24-hour monitoring: All our works have online monitoring 24 hours a day. Investors can also follow all jobs schedule by our application.
Multilingual support team: We have trained professionals who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese to provide all the necessary information throughout the project time.
Reputable partners in the American market: We are pleased to be able to indicate renowned partners to provide legal, financial and accounting advice, thus ensuring greater security for your investment.

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